Exaggerated reports : Mark Twain was right

I just got the most fabulous email from Susan Pacillo in Anchorage, Alaska. She and Linny Pacillo started a truly inspiring campaign called the parking fairies. I'd mentioned this in a previous blog, and that Linny had sadly died in 2006. There is now a car park in Anchorage that is named for her.

Susan very firmly informed me that she was still alive and kicking - you could wait a long time to have the chance to use the wonderful Mark Twain quote that "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". She's working on an article about the parking campaign and hopefully will send me a link to it.

The parking fairies are a wonderful combination of humour, direct action and disrespect for authoritarians. Conclusively proves you shouldn't judge a state by it's governor. I felt very welcomed in Alaska, the defiant humour felt very London. Loose concentrations of intelligent, marginalised people always make for the best jokes.