Making new work has always been a collective enterprise. 

It doesn’t matter wether you are signing a porcelain urinal or painting a 14th century fresco, we are always stronger together.

I’m interested in hearing from any full time professional artists who would like to pitch a project or share an idea for collaborative work. The exact deal is negotiable - a simple skills exchange, joint promotion for a group show or simply to do the thing none of us make enough time for - talking about the work.

This is a proposal for a DIY development and publicity group for professional artists. There’s no joining fee, no permanent members, no committee and zero commission on sales. Group split the costs and jobs equally for each show. Minimum group size three.

How Does That Work?

One show at a time. Anybody can propose anything.

Don’t get in touch unless you have a confirmed venue and a draft press release/marketing plan. Then we select the artists, the artist curate the work and and off we go. We need a minimum of three proactive people : Publicity and media. Venue, theme and curating. Event organiser, hanging and hospitality.

My basic premise is that artists groups will only work for as long as everybody is committed and engaged with a shared project. Off the peg solutions are hard to find - Academies, art societies, state funded arts events, pay to enter competitions or pay to show art fairs can be sketchy and very rarely pay their way.

I set up an informal group called #opensignapse and we met several times to support and promote. That group was really important in making the Shelf Lives event work as well as it did.

Contact me:
+44 (0)7811 383722