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Object Paint film


My workflow always starts with drawing and painting, and evolves into small sculpts, props and sets which are used in the films. These are finally put into box installations for the static show. I use simple raw materials and make from found, discarded or recycled products. 

These objects, paintings and film then appear all together in a one night only, immersive art event which includes audience interactions. 

As the Czech animator Jan Švankmajer said ‘film gives objects the time to find an audience’. For me film completes the transformation process that was begun by painting and drawing. It turns objects into actors, who can go on to find their own audiences. I like the idea that while the drawings, paintings and objects are unique and transient, the films can be distributed and repurposed by others.


Alongside the scenic painting, props and carnival work in the workshop I also offer occasional small group studio sessions for people who want to develop their drawing, making and visualising skills.

I worked full time on degree and Btec courses at several London art schools since the early 1980s,  setting up foundation and drawing programmes. 

I’m proudest of my work at the sharp end of foundation and vocational access programs though, because thats where the students (and the teacher) have to travel the greatest distances in the shortest time. It’s important work, preparing students to take this job seriously. We prepared so many portfolios that, in the end, it became hard to tell if my best ideas had been pinched from students or if they pinched them from me. So I finally jumped ship at the end of the 1990s, but definitely not because of the students. 


Clean licence for motorcycle and car. MA Middlesex Polytechnic. BA University of Sussex. 


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