If you want to find out about and then t o collect interesting new work, it’s not easy. A collector has, basically, two choices. Firstly you could follow the social media herd, which is a well tried way of finding what everybody else is looking for, rather than finding what you are looking for. 

Secondly you could try a standard gallery. Their business model is taken from retail. Their aspiration is to be a big ticket retailer. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with shopping, but this business model can make galleries feel unwelcoming, particularly for a new collector or someone who has a clear idea about what they want.

For me, as a maker, the most interesting thing about working with collectors is the dialogue. For a collector, you get access to artist who is working on something new. That is treasure, for both of us. 

I want to make it easy for both of us to start this dialogue. I welcome the conversation with people who seriously want to collect. Your best way to get in touch is though instagram which is where I which is where I post my work in progress as it emerges. This conversation may or may not be conclusive. If you end up not wanting any of my work I’ve got a pretty good address book and will be able to point you at somebody else who may suit you better. Illustrators, goldsmiths, prop makers, printmakers - anybody really if you have a specific thing in mind.

The benefits for me are obvious - I paid for the Alaska leg of the Shared Horizons project with a commission to paint a panorama of the Cook Inlet, Turnagain Arm near Anchorage.

Contact me:

+44 (0)7811 383722