Independent Art Projects :


Object Paint Film


I never pass up the chance to put my work in front of a new audience. I’ve shown lithographs  and engravings with 12PM Twelve Printmakers, led Big Draw events, Open Studios and artist residencies.  

I’ve made scenic painting and props for carnival, theatre, and TV and have been most strongly influenced by the work I’ve done with the street theatre company called The Grand Theatre of Lemmings. They taught me the importance of an inclusive and actively engaged audience, something that is so often missing in your average white box art gallery. 

The best way to to see my painting, drawing and animation is to come to one of the immersive  pop up events like Shelf Lives or Such Stuff. That’s where it all comes together. I’m currently working on a new immersive one night only event - working title - ‘Object Paint Film’,  I’m actively seeking a venue for that. If you would like to get in touch download the appropriate file/s below.

Downloadable information for: Collaborators, Collectors, Venues


Art events


2016 - 17 Shelf Lives  

An immersive art event of paintings, box installations and film at Jaywick Martello tower.


2011 - 12 Such Stuff

At Colchester Minories gallery. Painting, drawing, performance & animation. 


2008 - 9 Shared Horizons

Landscape project. A sustained immersive landscape painting and drawing project along the London River, Orkney & Skye, Normandy and the Alaskan coast. Shown in UK and Annex Gallery in Fairbanks, Alaska. 


2007 Likeness

Painting, drawing and monotypes of self and significant others. 


2006 Telling Tales

Painting, storytelling & performance. My first self destroying painting. 


2004 The Return of the Light

Pop up of drawing, painting and prints.




2011 Wide World

Publication of my sketchbooks and panoramas, including the Shared Horizons work published by Webvivant press.